I met a middle-aged woman who inspires me to chase my own goal. Her name was Hilary, she works as a crew who travels the world and in her eyes, she has seen it all how life takes you by a storm and in the end, she chooses to be on her own, she never married or have children but she was happy. Hilary decided to see the world and that was her dream. She inspires me to stay focus and stay on the vision I set for myself.

However, It’s not so funny... how I disappear and come back, again and again, it’s like hibernating somewhere god knows where but I wanted to come back for sure that I was ready (to blog again). Those long hiatuses I was saying goodbye to procrastination, junk food, sleeping all day, no more sad songs, I'm done having 2 jobs, being selfies over things I can never let it go and in the end I end up keeping one thing. Junk food habits are the only thing I function right (Just saying...). Anyway...
I found my happiness throughout living your life to the fullest and appreciate what life throws at you in the blink of an eye. Therefore, I found a job at the heart of The BodyShop a company cares for everybody, not just human but animals. More importantly, I am happy to be able to share my passion and they allow me to be creative. With this, they are fully supportive of my projects.

Step 1
I bought a domain and nice clean template.

Step 2
Take as many photos till your heart is content.

Step 3

Step 4
You'll know the rest once I start.

Hi, I'm Ana it's nice to meet you.