I faced many obstacles and surprises at the very end of the year of 2016. I found the perfect job and stayed for a month then I left as it was only a Christmas Temp. Luckily I managed to find another job quickly without thinking about it. Before I was quite happy making a small living from my blog and freelancing, however, I can't help to think that I need to explore, find new things and for once in my life say 'yes' to every opportunity. With that, I am happy where I am today.

I want to make a comeback and continue my blogging passion and I can't wait to share what I've learned from my experience.

I want to say thank you to my followers and readers for taking your time to look at my content and this I am going to give you my all. I don't want to disappoint you anymore for disappearing for a good few months as I was trying to find myself purpose (career directions) as well as finding a content I can share with you guys that we both can relate or find it helpful.