Weather is getting colder and gloomy on a month of October. Many strange things happen on the 31st when the sun goes down and the Halloween begins... Beware what's looking behind you before it catches you. Scared yet? Or was it too lame? I'm sorry, today's I'm going to show you my favourite TV shows that you should watch now!

Stranger Things 
Netflix: Drama - Horror - Mystery
The show takes me back to the 80s with a good amount of extremely creepy meets E.T feel this show is set to excite and impress. When a young boy disappears, his family, friends and chief is set to find him, however, they must face terrifying forces to get him back.

American Horror Story
Drama - Thriller - Horror 
Anthology series with a selection of different characters and locations that conclude murder, a freak shows, an insane asylum and much more. Each story has its own interesting twist and disgustingly addictive to watch.

Wicked City
Crime - Drama
Such a dark and eerie sickening crime that make your stomach turns. A pair of LADP detectives tracking down serial killers terrorising the Sunset Strip. It almost reminds me of a real serial killer who lure a woman into the car and kill them for their own sick fantasy pleasure.

Scream Queens 
Comedy - Horror - Mystery
Another mini-anthology series being terrorised by a serial killer in different places such as the hospital, university and etc.  It's a parody of a bad horror film. 

What's your favourite TV shows?