Finding the right shades of foundation in stores is very challenging and annoying, especially in drugstores I personally never get help when it comes to finding the right shades. Most of them tend to hand me random shades and tells me to go outside see it is my colour but by myself? What if you don't have a mirror in hand, you can't just randomly asked a stranger who's busy shopping.
My frustration grew and wanted to try drugstores foundation again without higher end breaking my bank account. However, I found a solution to my problem thanks to Tamptalia websites for hungry beauty lovers.

The Tamptalia websites collect a hoard of information when it comes to swatches, product dupes, foundation matches and tips.

The Foundation Matrix: Use existing shade or Start from scratch.

I advise you not to choose start from scratch especially if you don't know your shades or tone. I will, however, recommend the use existing shade; existing shades that you already have that perfectly matches your skin tone. You will only need your shade number/code then you either you choose to match yourself with a specific brand that you like or high end.

Sounds very simple right? Now, I did an experimentation using my existing MAC NC35 to match to Forever Dior and L'oreal Infallible foundation. The results are shockingly amazing; don't be scared if you find that the shade doesn't match your current foundation but once you apply to your skin you'll be surprised.

I am not 100% sure that this will work with anyone. I would love to know if you tried this website and did it match you with the right foundation?

So far Tamptalia hasn't let me down and I will continue to use their websites.