I've been ever so nervous creating a Facebook page that aims for a close community with the same interests. I know how important it is as a blogger to find the right audiences to share your enthusiasm towards beauty & fashion.

I am ready to introduce BUBBLE: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers

You have no idea how happy I am to be able to create something that we all can benefit. I understand the struggle for wanting your written words to be read when you took the time and hours to write and take the photograph to the perfection; in the end, you want something more rewarding and returning a favour without taking advantage of others good will.

Where did the name Bubble come from? and What made you decide to create the group? 
Bubble to me sounds singular, however, It's a way for me to describe that we all living in the same category of interest towards beauty & fashion. What made me create this blog it's because I was inspired by BloggerClubUK Facebook group. A close group that I've been with for a long time now and I've learned so much from being with them when it comes to understanding any blogging error, tips and tricks from fellow bloggers. If you haven't joined with them then you should! However, I do want something that is related to my own interest and topics than randoms.

My group is quite different to any beauty & fashion Facebook group, often times you mainly link down your page and hoping someone will check them out. In this case is different, you interact with the daily threads and every month I host Follow For Follow of any social media you have. For more info Join Bubble Facebook page!

Please bare in mind that the group is quite small and it's new. The official threads will start on Sept 19, 2016. If you want to be a part of a friendly community and become Bubble family. Don't hesitate to join us! Hopefully, if you have a friend or know any bloggers let them know Bubble: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers.