Waking up in the morning is never easy and in fact, I hate waking up in the morning to the sound of an awful alarm clock, especially waking up while is still dark.

One of the main reasons many of us feel unsteady in the morning it's because of a sudden aggravating conventional alarm clock which is sometimes erratic. What if we wake up naturally without feeling groggy? Hold on a min yes! naturally. Have you ever heard of Sunriseclocks.co.uk? No, yes or maybe? It's a friendly alarm clock that is inspired by nature sunrise combined with a real unique light and sound that ables you to wake up more naturally.
The light source from the simple devices gradually brightens the room which mimics a natural sunrise. Not only the light will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day; At the set time, a sound will play to ensure you're awake. As for the light, the sound will also increase. However, it's not the typical sound you hear from a normal alarm clock, a sound that is more soothing to the ear when you wake up in the morning.  You can choose from any natural sounds or your favourite FM radio music.

Studies have shown that being exposed to a bright light in the morning will send a powerful signal that it's time to wake up. Is clear that gradual sunrise or simulated does have a powerful effect on our body, reducing sleep hormones and increasing hormones like cortisol to wake up.

  1. Reduces Drowsiness
  2. No Annoying Alarm
  3. Doubles as a Bedside Lamp
  4. Wake Up Gradually 
  5. Back Up
  6. Reset Body Clock

Overall the sunriseclocks.co.uk is great for anyone especially, to those who has a busy lifestyle that doesn't want their mood to be ruined by a ridiculous alarm sound. It also looks amazing and modern as a bedside alarm clock.

Do you prefer to wake up by light than sound? 

*This is sponsored post.