I placed a little naughty order from BeautyBay and decided to get my hands on Morphe Brushes 12NB Palette from PICK ME UP Collection. I fell in love instantly as soon as it came from my mail box and ever since I can never leave the house without it. 

Who are Morphe Brushes? 
Morphe's base in CA, United State; It started off as a small company and eventually became very popular ever since youtuber Jaclyn Hills made a shoutout and swear by any of their affordable makeup and brushes. 
Of course, I just have to try one of the productsI do own the 35W Colour Warm Palette and also made a review of this palette by clicking here.

Don't you love a wide range of different shades of brown to peachy colour that is suitable for everyday wear? 12NB is the one I reach the most than my Urban Decay Basic 2. 
However, I'm not too crazy about the packaging I do wish the PICK ME UP Collection would have a different look with a built-in mirror considering it comes with only 12 shades. I'm not too bothered about the little fallout, not a major problem but for others, I don't think you want to make a purchase, however, I highly consider this palette: It's soft, buttery, easy to apply, blends effortlessly and the colours are stunning to make a classic smokey eye effect, to a flawlessly bridal look. And lastly, it's very travel-friendly and affordable £11.95 at BeautyBay.

Overall, I am happy with my purchases and it's my second collection palette from Morphe.