Here is a quick rundown of skincare and makeup haul. Some are gifted to me and some I bought with my money. No this is not a sponsored post.

Sunscreen: CLARINS PARIS 50SPF It's summer and the weather is absolutely humid in the UK I tend to forget to apply sunscreen on my face and didn't realise how important it is, especially to those who are sensitive to dark spot pigmentation. 

Facemask & Primer: A close friend of mine went to Japan and she got me a few face mask and a moisturiser makeup base. I can't wait to try the mask I will leave a review about it, however, I have tried the moisturising primer and stay tuned for the post.

Foundation: If you remember from my previous post I have listed a few wishlist and one of them is the foundation from L'oreal True Match. I decided to change it and went for L'oreal infallible foundation instead. (A review will be coming up soon about this foundation.) 

Stila Bronzer: I can't stop wearing this amazing and gorgeous bronzer from Stila, I end up using it as a contouring and for eyeshadows. (A video will be coming soon featuring Stila Bronzer for my everyday wear.)

Eyeliner: Just browsing through Superdrug and see any affordable eyeliner to try out. Surprisingly MUA really steps up their game, I really like MUA Matte Eyeliner. 

Did you buy anything nice? If so, What did you get?