Every girl should have a signature nail polish look which shows off their sense of personality and style; now that the summer is almost over everyone is transitioning from summer pop colour to a darker or nude tone.

I personally never tried anything from Kiko Cosmetic before and I'm so glad my cousin who I visited down in Derby to have a family reunion showed me around her town and suddenly Kiko Milano. I didn't know how to react; I was overwhelmed with their products I didn't know what to buy and I saw where the sales section that their nail polish at the price of £1 and eyeliner are at £2.50. I wish I could have spent more time.

What you see behind the glass container is what you get. The formula is very liquidy, however, when you glide that nail polish on your nails the coverage is beautiful. With a base coat by Kiko, it's a must-have essential to nail care; not only it will smooth out the surface of your nails, it also contains antioxidant, vitamin E that keeps away from heat sources. I always say base coat for nails as a primer then you have a setting  formula to lock on the colours to last longer.

Overall I am surprised by the quality of this product, most of the ones I get from the drugstore just torn away within a day but with Kiko, with a proper application, it will last longer without a slight damage at the edge of your nails. More importantly, it dries very quickly.