Let's take a moment how gorgeous the packaging looks! It's what drawn me to buy this palette. I have this palette for a long time now since it came out at Boots and Superdrugs. People were raving about this palette and it's very affordable. 

In this palette, you have a wide range of colours from shimmery, satin and matte. However, I'm not a big fan of the bronzer it's not ideal for contouring as it's warmer and orange toned. I prefer using it as a transition shades or warming up the face. The highlighters are great but it's, even more, better if you use a setting spray to intensify that glow! 
The pigmentation is great but not as great as any other drugstore brand if you compare this to Sleek. 
The only dislike about this palette is that is very muted to the eyelid if you don't use any primer or a base. 

If you're one of those people who loves to look natural then this palette is gorgeous for no makeup makeup look It's amazing! 

I would highly recommend this to anyone especially for teenagers who are getting into makeup. It's a great starter and it's very affordable.