When it comes to skincare battling with unwelcome high pigmentation and dehydrated skin Mario Badescu is the one I mostly trust and most reach products from my skincare collections of all time.

Disclaimer: This is not by all means a sponsored post by Mario Badescu but I do admit I would love to be sponsored by them as I truly enjoy and love their products.

As a former acne sufferer, over time you develop what's, it's called Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation a medical term for discolouration of the skin that may look like sun spots when acne begins to clear up and left with pesky brown spots on any random places.

When I heard about Mario Badescu from Britta from BestBBcream now rebranded to KOJA Beauty runs a successful online shop and blog for Korean skincare and beauty lovers. She is the one that introduces me to Mario Badescu products 1 or 2 years ago when I personally emailed her about my troubled dark spot on my chin area as well as BB cream. I've never been so grateful and thank her for recommending. (P.S Make sure you visit KOJA Beauty and currently on Sale for Koreans products.)

Now, when it comes to finding your suitable products they tend to either not work for your skin type which is always a bummer. I find that Mario Badescu has many ranges of skincare for specific problems. 

My two favourite products that I can't live without are:

Is a gentle exfoliating toner that is perfect for sensitive to dry skin. It only contains 2% of glycolic acid, Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Extract. The toner helps to reduce discoloration from old acne scarring. It also revives the skin from looking dull and tired. I would only recommend applying this at night time as it may be too sensitive during the day which you have to use 50+ SPF. You'll see full research when you use this product gradually and noticed a different 6 months of using this product and ever since then I continued to purchase this product in a heartbeat. 

A refreshing mist sprays with heaven goodness that is suitable for all skin types. It has fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater which lightly refresh and boost hydration relieving dehydrated skin. Great for setting or finishing makeup. It's better than Mac setting spray or any other setting spray I've used.

These two products are my most important skincare essentials and I can never leave without them. I would highly recommend these products to anyone. It has improved my skin over the years and will continue to be purchasing from them.