The weather in the UK is getting hotter and hotter, therefore, more and more shorts can be spotted in the streets. However, these particular pieces are my favourite, go to simple look during the day.

 The crop top is one of my favourite things to wear, especially a top that has an open cut on the shoulders and mini sleeves, which show off a few parts of your body features. Now, when it comes to shorts, some shorts do tend to show off your butt which is not a nice thing to see especially if there are perverts around. I tend to cover them up with thin black stockings or one of those cotton skin tight shorts.
Normally, I don't usually over accessorise my outfit. Why? Well, I trust my sunglasses at all time as they complete the look without any effort what so ever. Now, a small girl like me loves to wear nice thick platform shoes and they make me slightly taller.

Lastly, we have bags. I love backpack when it comes to a hot weather, I usually go for a nice small backpack than carrying a handbag when it's very hot outside.

What you like to wear during summer?