Many things had happened this month and I hate it. For the most part, I'm not proud of what I'm doing when I'm at home and especially staying at home for the rest of the day. Just sitting around, being lazy and do what I have to do when my phone beeps it's time to blog. What I really want is to break free from what's going on in my life and at least be useful and be productive.

Going to the park closest to my house was a good idea. I've never felt cleanse by just taking a deep breath of fresh air that is different from my bedroom. I do feel guilty how messy my desk was when I left the house. There are moments I do tend to forget If I closed the door properly. Oh.. that frustration between me and my wooden front door, when our door gets stuck time to time; I do wish we can replace it with a new one, however, we just slide it off and forget about it. I guess it's not a good idea to leave it. Anyway, this is not about my front door raged. After I took that walk yesterday, I made dinner and it's Korean ''Chi-jeu Buldak'' translate to Fire Chicken with Cheese. I love Korean food and I love food that is spicy. I thank Maangchi from Youtube for sharing her Korean recipes. I've also cooked Chicken Adobo, it's my dad favourite tradition food as well as rice. Right after I was done cooking my mum came home and bought some takeaways. I should have texted her that I was making dinner but oh well.

The news from my dad as you all know he was recovering from an operation that is to do with his bladder. We thought that he was okay to come home yesterday and technically was told that he will be transferring to another hospital in Scarborough. I guess it's much closer to home. I do wish that my dad will recover fast. I miss him coming home and make dinner when he wants to or typical dad that sits in front of the telly but at least he was home.

All I can do now is stay strong and look after the house. To be honest, I feel somewhat useless just taking care of the house, while my dad and my mum at the hospital. Hopefully, tomorrow I can visit him and see how he's doing.