It's been quite a long time since I've done any makeup hauls. I've also been busy designing few logos for my Youtube channel that will be up in the next few weeks. I know it's a long wait but bare with me a little longer.

I had my eyes on E.l.f cosmetic for a very long time. If you aren't familiar with E.l.f is an inexpensive beauty brand from the US. We don't have it in the UK but you can purchase online.
Here are some of the products I purchased.

PRIMER > When it comes to primer I'm usually very picky. A lot of times it doesn't agree with my skin that causes me to break out. You all know that I do tend to have dry skin, redness, and blemishes on some part of my face.  However, the E.l.f primer claims to fill in fine lines so that your makeup is applied evenly. It also neutralises redness from rosacea, blemishes, and dry skin. Sound like a perfect primer for me to try.

UNDEREYE SETTING POWDER > I wanted to try a more affordable under eye setting powder and I find that E.l.f setting power is almost a dupe of Laura Mercie. So I can't wait to try it.
Eyebrows> I love a good eyebrow shadow or pencil but I've never tried a cream formula. I was watching few of my favourite Youtubers that uses Anastasia Beverly hills pomade, which literary sold me on buying this product.

These are the products I wanted to talk about briefly, this is only my first expression. There will be a full review on E.L.F cosmetic within a week of testing this product.

Let me know what kind of eye makeup you would like me to create or perhaps using the products I recently purchase.