It's amazing how we can change our appearance to accentuate our features or perhaps a form of art to express ourselves. However, I wanted to go back and search deeper into Vintage era to find more about their beauty secret that I have yet to find out or you may already know.

A lot of the products that we use today were invented in the 1910s including blush, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadows and all those great makeup tools until it came to scene in the 1920s. Now, makeup has been around way back into the century and unfortunately it wasn't too interesting as there was a huge stigma behind it, especially, in the Edwardian period. Therefore, makeup was mainly worn by prostitutes and actresses and then you have a real woman with society status did not wear a lot of makeup because they did not want to be associated with prostitutes and actresses.

In the 1920s was a post-war era and during this period, it's the beginning of a sex ratio among men and woman to become exude which emphasize on sexual beauty. From what I have discovered a lot of the publication during that period, they were telling the woman to wear a lot of makeup in order to join the workforce as well as competing against men. In this modern time, makeup today is more of a gentle and natural approach for interview look.
I'm fascinated that makeup they used then is the birth of modern-day smokey eyes that we all know and love. Deep black or grey eyeshadows, pale skin, and dark red lips. I can see why it was such a great contrast. This was also an era when eyeliner was introduced to the scene and during this time, there were a lot of discoveries happening in Egypt and everyone became drawn to all things Egyptians. The way eyebrows were drawn thinly and somewhat overdrawn compared to the modern day eyebrows. It almost reminds me of a Drag Queen look, however if you look through Egyptian time they do resemble the shape of the eyebrows from the 1920s. A good example of the 1920s is Clara Bow an American Actress.
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Over the years, makeup has changed dramatically. The only difference between Vintage and Modern beauty that in the past, there was right and wrong to how you should represent yourself. It's even more interesting to find an old clip of skincare and how to apply makeup. I find it to be very educational and learned a few tricks tips along the way. I have never thought of using cotton balls to use as a pressed powder puff and even lubricating my eyebrows to remove any straggly brows before plucking.
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