The joy of being sick isn't as exciting as it sounds. How many of you are sick right now? If you're not. You can't sit with us! Just kidding #meangirls reference.

Honestly, I hate being sick. I've gone through 3 boxes of tissues and 10 movies watched within the past 2 weeks. I think I might have over drank green tea that I'm knockout to sleep. My hair is a mess, my nose having the moment of glory and my throat is sore.

On top of that, I feel emotional especially right now. I don't know whether is from a movie, or stupid Eastender shows, or a sign that my period is coming soon. However, I even managed to annoy my boyfriend. Who basically runs away or tolerate.

The worst part of being sick is a lack of concentration. It's hard to focus on certain things that my poor brain is like a mush of potato. And the joy of being sick is to have the excuse to watch lots of movies!

Here is my list recommendation if you love watching movies or shows when you're sick.

  1. UP
  2. Mean Girls 
  3. Scream Queen
  4. American Horror Stories 
  5. Witches of East End - I beg that this show will continue and release season 3 
  6. Red
  7. The Transporter with Jason Statham 
  8. Spy
  9. Jupiter Ascending 
  10. Big Hero 6