Finally, back in business. I liked to say thank you to everyone for wishing me to get well. It took me a long time to get better. I’m that type of person who gets ill very easily, and it takes a while for me to recover.

I’ve also reached 200+ followers on bloglovin' and I am very grateful for your support. You guys, are the best and wanting to do more on my blog. I've also planned something for you guys for now. It is a secret. However, I am aware that my blog has been running quite slow but I will be blogging more often. I've been typing up in advance to share more wonderful beauty tips and travelling essentials.

I also can’t wait to show you a makeup tutorial. So let me know by commenting down below what kind of eye makeup tutorial would you like to see or a celebrity look.


During March, I'd be travelling down to London for my cousin 18th Birthday Debut. It's a big traditional celebration among Filipino girls of becoming of age. However, it's not always followed for those who doesn't like a big fancy birthday that almost looks like a wedding event.

As well as birthday events. I look forward to what London has to offer and see what's new. As I haven't been there for almost 2 years. I miss the galleries and hopefully have time to see everything.