Hello, Readers! I hope you had a wonderful day. Getting back to the routine after a long break is somewhat difficult to maintain and hopefully catch up. Just bear with me.

Recently, I wanted to buy a new layout but I decided to challenge myself with purely Html/CSS, without the advance flash. I've designed websites before but it was only a hobby of mine. So far my blog is currently under construction but I will still carry on blogging.

Today, I'm going to share a review of Morphe 35W palette. Ever since Jaclyn Hill, rave about the Morphe Brushes, nearly every beauty Youtuber I follow has one of the Morphe palettes collection. Luckily I received one for Christmas, although I could have got it myself but anyway. When I received the palette, the first thing I said was ''O M G the colours are awesome!'' The shades are amazing and it's a sort of colours I love to wear.

Now, let's take a good look at this gorgeous palette.
You can see we have a good range of Matte, satin and shimmery shades. I do wish I had their singular eyeshadows to compare it with, therefore, the closest I can compare with is Mac eyeshadows. We all know Mac has high-quality eyeshadows. However, the price is a little too expensive £10 for each individual shadows, especially the palettes range from £30 - £60.

As Morphe Palette cost £15.95 and the individual eyeshadows cost £1.95 at Beautybay. In this palette, Each individual shadows has its own quality. Some are super buttery, some are harder to get the pigmentation out, and some are not too good when in comes to blending. However, I find the medium and darker shades to be more pigmented than the lighter shades as you can see in row 1, or perhaps it's just my skin colour but I love using it as a base after primer.

You do get fallout mostly with the glittery eyeshadows, which are very typical in any shadows that have glitter in them. Such as Row 2 the gold, and Row 5 the black, as for the rest, you barely get any fallouts.

I guaranty that some of the eyeshadows in this palette are very close to Mac eyeshadows quality. Which I'm very impressed. Now imagine that this was singular eyeshadows? I'm very much intrigued to purchased few of them. Maybe that might be a different quality to this palette.

So far I'm in love with this palette, It has many gorgeous and stunning shades. You can make plenty of looks all year round without the doubt. The only thing is wrong with this 35W, I wish they had a name on all of them and I hate the gold in this palette. It just doesn't build up the colour until you actually keep on layering 20x's. I don't mind a little fallout but gorgeous, gorgeous palette to have in your collection.

I would highly recommend this to anyone if you're looking for multiples of eyeshadows option. They have many different kinds of shades if you visit Beauty Bay or actual Morphe Brushes websites.

What's your favourite Row swatches?