It's finally here! Hold up, what is finally here? Well, one of my resolutions is to make Youtube videos for 2016. I know some of you have been waiting. I apologise for the wait.

I'm so excited to show you what I've been stressing out for the past 2 weeks of filming plus being sick. This is my first proper Youtube video. I've noticed that I don't make a lot of fashion Lookbook on my blog.  So I thought that I would make a video of it.

Recently, I've been pairing up grey tone colours these sessions and, more importantly, keeping it minimal. I know most of you will own grey colour in your closet, and it's probably a go to colour to wear.

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I have a lot to learn when it comes to editing and camera angle, but if you have any constructive criticism please let me know regarding on my video. I'll be sure to improve next time.

I'm not quite sure how will this channel evolve, I just don't want to say it's purely fashion and beauty. I'll just go with the flow then keep it purely as that category.