I love a good bargain and especially when it comes to cosmetic. Not only it's affordable. The quality is always important when finding an affordable alternative.

I've made a blog post about Makeup Revolution where I talk about their amazing brow kit. Which you can find it here.

How many of you heard of Makeup Revolution lip lacquer? If not then here is my review. At first, I was very unsure whether I should try it or not, but I decided to go for it. What catches my eyes are their deepest darkest colour. The Velvet Vamp, the sound of that name gives me excitement.
Personally, I've never worn any darkest colour beside Passion from Accessorize. The Velvet Vamp is the most intense lip colour I've ever worn and I am in love with it.

The consistency of this product is quite thick, similar to a lipstick, and what you see in the container is what you get when you apply it on your lips. Which I find it very impressive. I love that it dries matte and it will never move or stain your Starbucks.

If you're worried that you won't be able to pull off this look. No worries! There are plenty of other colours that you can try for yourself. Unfortunately, I haven't tried their lightest colour yet but I will be purchasing it and give you guys an updated view.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone and I hope that Makeup Revolution makes more colours especially Chocolate brown colour. *Finger cross*

When it's time to remove the formula. I suggest you should remove it with any oil base makeup remover, or else you may struggle to fully remove it.