I've purchased this palette a long time ago and I haven't paid any attention once I have a new palette to favourite. However, looking through your makeup stashes, you do tend to get this excitement that you used to love this product. What I found is my Cargo palette.

Inspired by the reminiscence of Shanghai blue hue lights clearly shows in the palette. It gives a very rich pigmentation and never ending praise how stunningly beautiful each individual eyeshadows. The palette contains 12 eyeshadows. You have 3 matte shades, and the rest are satin and shimmery shades. Without the doubt, this palette is perfect and, unfortunately, is slightly underrated and you might think that the colour selection might be too hard to recreate. Which I do agree. 

CARGO SHANGHAI NIGHTS FALL SHADOW PALETTE £35.00 - £29.75 (Currently on sale)
I love using these eyeshadows by itself. Especially the Ginger and the Night Life. Some I use as an eyeliner, for example, the Street style as an eyeliner on its own with a nude lip. The Bar Rouge and the Night Life can make smokey effects. 
  • Wai Tai - Milk Coco taupe 
  • Skyline - Soft sky blue 
  • Bund - Soft brown 
  • Lychee - Shimmery pink 
  • Jin Mao - Metalic dark brown gold 
  • Neon - Light yellow neon 
  • Hu - Cream delight 
  • Street Style - Nasty metallic green and grey
  • Ginger - Heavenly metallic copper 
  • Jade - Metalic olive green
  • Bar Rouge - Cotton candy shimmery purple
  • Night Life - Jet black shimmer 
I recommend this palette for anyone who loves to play around with different eye look. I don't recommend this to anyone who are not venturous with the colours in this palette. Overall the palette itself is gorgeous, very pigmented and slight fallout which isn't a problem. For the fact that this palette is underrated I want you guys to try it out.  

I've made my very first Youtube and I am so thankful for those of you are very supportive. If you haven't seen the video please click me