Drugstore is the best place to find a great brand and amazing quality makeup. But when it comes to foundation, How many of you struggled to find the right shade? I certainly struggled to find the right shades. Especially, if you have a yellow undertone.

As much as I love my Mac and Chanel foundation. I want to try a more affordable price that would benefit my skin. The first thing in mind is Barry M. Barry M is a British brand, animal-friendly and known for their luscious nail polish. Personally, this is the first time I bought anything from Barry M, which is their foundation. 

Now, if you seen the photo above, doesn't it remind you of Benefit foundation? You can clearly see the resemblance between the two. However, the body is somewhat strong but I'm slightly disappointed about the lid. You can see it has already cracked on me. I'm hoping Barry M to consider upgrading the durability of this foundation.

This foundation is suitable for combination to dry skin. It has hydrating and healing properties. Not only it's affordable. It only cost me £5.99 then the average price of high ends.

What I love about this foundation is that it's buildable from light to fuller coverage. I wouldn't advise you to apply it with a stippling brush. It is best to apply it with a sponge or your fingers. In order to achieve the natural flawless finish. You can always add moisturiser or illuminator to have a sheer glow.

Overall, this foundation is absolutely amazing. I do have a dry skin, I feel that this foundation keeps the dryness and oily bridge nose (For wearing glasses) at bay. I would highly recommend this foundation to anyone, who loves a natural finish without feeling you have a foundation on. Yes! It doesn't feel heavy on the skin.

The only bad side I could think of is a lack of shades. Barry M only has 5 shades. If you're a much paler skin, I wouldn't recommend any of the light shade they have. I don't think it will match you well. It only applies to those people have more of a pinkish to a warmer tone.

TIPS for finding the right shade foundation. 
Know your veins.  
  • If you have blue/purple vein: Cooler tone 
  • If you have green vein: Warmer and yellow tone
  • If you have both: You are most likely to be peach or pinkish tone.
You can see I have green vein so I'm a warmer yellow tone. 

SWATCHES in stores
Always find the right natural lighting and personally never try to use the light in stores. You want to go outside for a better view. To apply, take a small amount and swatches from the side of your face close to your jaw line. This way you have a better view whether it matches your face and neck.