Hello, Beautiful! Today I'll be reviewing Nakd healthy snack bars from a British company the Natural Balance Foods. You may have heard, seen or perhaps already tried one.  If you haven't. Well..

Nakd snack bars uses natural raw fruits and nuts, which then process by cold-pressed and never baked. It doesn't contain any gluten, wheat, sugar and dairy. 100% Vegan. The fruit-based snack bars also counts one of your 5 a day. 

I love a good healthy snack bars throughout the day. I could just peel off the packet, and munch on it while working. Anyway...

Nakd packaging is very well designed, It's colourful and vibrant. However, the taste is quite something to get used to depending on the flavours. Some are good and some are not. It's not always a bad thing, It all depends on your preference. I love Ginger Bread, Berry Delight, Pecan Pie and Caffe Mocha. These are the flavours that appeal to my taste buds. If you haven't tried, you can always try what I listed.

My favourite thing about Nakd snack bars is when you bite into it, you get this slight crunch from all sort of nuts, then followed by an explosion of natural flavours. It's moist, very delicious and addictive. Totally healthy and nutritious.

It has been my favourite healthy snack bars and I can't stop munching. I would highly recommend this to anyone including kids. If you happened to loose weight and want something healthy to snack. Nakd is the one you want to try.

Have you tried Nakd Healthy Snack Bars before? If so, What's your favourite? 

NATURAL BALANCE FOODS WEBSITES: http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk/nakd/

*I was sent to review and all my opinion are my own.