Hey hey! It’s finally December, and I am feeling Christmassy, are you??

I feel like, I haven’t done any makeup reviews in a while. So, I’m going to review Natural Collection Makeup by Boots.
Boots eyeshadows are absolutely stunning, and I’m surprised that not many people invest in Natural Collection brand. And to be honest, not many reviews on these individual eyeshadows from my perspective, however, is one of those brands I normally walk past on, and not really take notice. Yup! Which is ashamed well... I am ashamed.
I managed to collect two individual eyeshadows, Milk Chocolate and Crushed Walnut, these two are matte. It's very neutral very appropriate for everyday wear. The textures are very buttery, easy to blend, and the colours are buildable. Each eyeshadow is very satisfying and pigmented.   

Although, I find that these eyeshadows may look different on different skin tones. However, is not that a bigger deal. I think that it suits everybody.

Milk Chocolate - Light brown with a pinkish tone. 
Crushed Walnut - This is simple pastel brown. 

The packaging is very well made, and it's simple.  I like the lid being see through as I can see the colours. You can never go wrong with eyeshadows that cost only £1.99 each

Overall, it's such an amazing eyeshadows. I wish that Boots can pay attention to their makeup line. They don't really do any advertising. It's all behind the shadows of the bigger high street brands. I don't think I've ever seen Natural Collection upgraded or make other collections. 

I would highly recommend this to everyone. It's only £1.99 each. You can buy this online or go to your nearest Boots.