How many of you end up spending Christmas alone? Do you feel lonely or perhaps love the quietness? Well.. I thought I’d share my idea on Christmas day whether you’re spending it alone, or a company by your long distance relationship or distance relatives. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! It's the time of giving, and spending time with your loved one. Normally I celebrate Christmas early with my family and friends. However, there are times I end up spending it alone. Before then, I didn't have any plans in mind, and I was bored to death. It was the worst! I end up thinking why am I spending it alone? I wish I had somebody and things to do. 

Honestly, I do love a peaceful and quiet scene. It’s the perfect moment to spoil yourself, and to do what you want. So, don't feel lonely at all you're not alone. It's a fact that I'm also spending my Christmas alone with some friends, and boyfriend on Skype call. 

10 Things to do when spending Christmas alone. 
  1. Give your body a makeover. Wax, shave your armpits, or whatever, apply a mask, and etc.
  2. Do 3 good deeds. Not only will make you happy, you make others happy.
  3. Watch movies. I love Home Alone especially all its other series. Sounds like a perfect concept, right? 
  4. Bake yourself as many desserts. Personally love Red Velvet Cake and Lemon Mousse. 
  5. Drink your favourite wine, and relax to the music. Even better to let the music do the talking.
  6. Play an instrument if you know how to. But who cares!! I'm spending it alone, you spending it alone. No one to judge. 
  7. Be on skype call with your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend, and even friends.
  8. Dance like a crazy monkey. At least, you're losing a couple of calories. Right ladies?
  9. If you're an artist, then paint! 
  10. Read books. I'm currently reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albon. 
I hope you find this helpful and I wish you a MERRY F*** CHRISTMAS! 

Please share your ideas when spending Christmas alone.