Another exciting skincare from Superdrug Vitamin E range. I love their products so much that I disowned few of my high end.
Despite having a dry and oily T-zone, I find that Vitamin E is perfect for my skin. It took some time to find  the right moisturiser that will work for my skin without getting any breakouts or feeling greasy. And I've been using these products for almost 5 months. So finally I can give you my final verdict.

Vitamin E day cream provides 24 hours moisturization; Specifically developed to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin against the harsh environment. Not only it's high on antioxidants it also enrich with natural vitamins which combined horse chestnuts extract. It helps to care for dry skin. Using this moisturiser every day leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth, It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all. The formula just sinks in quickly without any sticky residue and somewhat able to control my oily T-zone.

This is not much different from the day cream moisturiser, but it has a very thick consistency. Which I love for a night cream. Not only both moisturiser smells divine. It makes my skin feel alive the next morning and well hydrated without your skin looking dry and dull.

This is one of my favourite toning mist I've ever used. My other one run out so I had to get another one. It has the same formula as the other 2 but it contains a soothing Aloe Vera, which adds a boost to your skin. You can spray this under or on the makeup without your makeup ruined. Just don't spray it too close.

I would rate these products 5/5 stars as I can't think of any bad things to say. I would highly highly recommend Vitamin E from Superdrug if you're looking to find a really good moisturiser or a mist for your dry skin.  It also suitable for normal and combination skin type. And lastly, very affordable.