As it turns out, this is going to be my part 2 photography editing series.

Editing photos have come a long way since Photoshop. There are endless apps and many online editors that offer free of use.  In this series, I will share my personal love or you may already know.

Pic Monkey 
Pic Monkey is very popular among bloggers. You have the basics editing, you are able to adjust brightness and contrast, lots of filter effects.  Therefore,  perfect for beginners. But... yes there is a but, I find it very restricted. Not a lot of manual tools. 

Unfortunately some are not free, which baffled me as I find them very useful. In order to use those setting is to buy the Royale membership. Which you may or may not need.

One of my personal favourites. You can create an exciting and captivating designs with photos, collage and graphics in a more professional approach. Not only it's very easy to use, but it also provides you an inspiration and simple step by step tutorials.
The good news is, you are able to control the manual settings. What I mean by that Levels and Color mixer in which BeFunky offers that Photoshop have.

It's available for Android and iOS which you can edit your photo on ago.

So if you're looking for a powerful photo editor that doesn't carry any heavy cost, I would highly recommend BeFunky.

You may or may not heard of GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Is a free open source for the graphics editor, image retouching, free-form drawing, photo montage and etc.

This is an alternative software to Photoshop. It may be tricky to use, however, there are now many Youtube tutorial base in this software (Unlike back in those days.) Again, simple to follow or perhaps you are familiar with the settings from the previous software.

I would highly recommend this for those of you can't afford Photoshop but able to have that semi PS experience.

Yes, free to download on OS X, Window and Linux.