Holla holla! How's everyone today? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking.
I want to marry Mac Whirl. I'm in love with it. It used to be a lip pencil and now, it's a lipstick. (Even though it was out a few months ago)
I woke up hyper today, usually hate Monday morning. Now, I'm running like a lunatic.

Anyway, A few months ago. Intentionally was going for Velvet Teddy. (Cause Kylie Jenner has it) And when I saw whirl. I just have to have it. And completely forget about the Velvet Teddy. Until now, I still don't have that lipstick. Sad face, I should write down what I need to buy, then forgetting it every time I go shopping. (I'm sure I'm not the only one right..?)

Whirl is very mauve-brown shade with a hint of warm red, And it's even more stunning that it's Matte. I think that  Whirl will suit any skin tone and I bet, it will look good on you. It's very neutral but not too dark but darker than Velvet Teddy. But it's not too dramatic. So, I highly recommend this gorgeous lipstick from Mac. And it's my far favourite lipstick to wear.

MAC WHIRL: http://fave.co/TCDhs5