It's important to clean our makeup brushes every two times a week to avoid any bacteria that are developing in your brushes.
I know some of us don't have time to clean our makeup brushes or just being lazy. You have to put that on your schedules (No matter what!). You don't want to use unclean brushes because you're re-applying all the oils, the dirt, old formula and etc.

So, in this tutorial I will show you how I clean my makeup brushes in a very cheap way. That way you don't have to splurge on higher end or expensive products.


  • SALVON ANTISEPTIC LIQUID = This is my favourite antibacterial for basically anything Cuts, insect bites and etc. This formula doesn't contain any alcohol which is amazing! It doesn't damage your brushes or ruined the brushes.  If you don't have this product you can always use Tea Tree oil or any friendly antibacterial. 
  • ANTIBACTERIAL HAND WASH = You can use any antibacterial hand wash. I just used a really cheap hand wash from Morrison. 
  • PURE COCONUT OIL = It's very much the same as facial cleansing oil to remove any stubborn makeup. But coconut oil is also great for cleaning brushes. I also like to have tiny chunks of coconut besides oil. As it will helps to remove  makeup quicker and hydrate/condition your brushes at the same time.  
NOTES: If you don't have any coconut oil in hand. You can use Vegetable oil, Olive oil or any organic oil will do the job!

You probably wondering why I used extra antibacterial such as Salvon. Since I'm prone to acne. You want to kill all those bacteria that are gathered in your brushes, That causes further break out and irritate your acne. So... for me it's double power baby! pow pow!

By combining all those ingredients together. You can now start cleaning your brushes. Bear in mind, make sure you don't want to wet the glue that are keeping the brushes in place. Or else the hair will eventually fall out. So, try and avoid that.

Wash your brushes thoroughly in a circle motions (Imagine that your painting one of your hand). That way... you will have a better chance to cleaning your brushes nicely.

And when you done cleaning your brushes. You want to rinse it all out with luke warm water. Not hot water but a nice warm temperature. Until all the soap and chunks are out. Then rinse it off with cold water. But remember you do not want to wet the brushes further or else the glue will weaken and the hair will eventually start to fall off. 

To dry your brushes. You want to make sure that you don't want the fluffy part facing upwards. You want them to face them down. That way the water will eventually run down. Or you can place your brushes on the flat surface with a tissue. This will suck any excess water are left on the brushes.

Lastly, don't forget to shape the brushes nicely.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. I know there are tons of ways to clean your brushes, but I prefer these methods.