Are you looking for your own customised smartphone cases? or perhaps you're bored of your current cases design? Maybe, no, perhaps? Well...

GoCustomized started in 2012 in the heart of Amsterdam; Nearly 3 years later. They achieved 100 cases, 30 devices and much more to come.  Not only you can personalise your smartphone, you can personalise your iPad and Tablets.
I've chosen to personalise my HTC one mini 2 in a hard case with a black border, as I don't have any other choices. Perhaps it's not as popular as the other new devices, but I hope that they make more.
I've decided to use my artwork as my main design. I always wanted to do this for such a long time, however, there weren't any websites that can customise my phone. Luckily GoCustomized offers it and I grab the opportunity. So, if you have the same phone as me. Why not design your own HTC one mini 2 case.

What's my verdict?
Designing my smartphone cases was very easy and straight forward. They also provide you a pre-made artwork, texture, motivation slogan and much more. You can even use your favourite Instagram photos as your phone case design. The website tools are very easy to follow with just 4 steps. That's it!.

Image Quality 
I'm very impressed with the quality of the printout of my work. It's very high quality, and it's exactly the same as I designed on their website tools before it get printed out. The black border gives the illusion of a framed (even though it's the only case I can choose from, but it worked) in which my artwork pops!
I'm in love. They capture the details and the colours very well. If you like to view my phone case side by side with my artwork click here

The case durability is fantastic. The build is very strong and very high-quality plastic. At one point I drop my phone with the case by accident, it turned out that my phone is still in its lovely beautiful state even the case. I was like HELL YEAH!
The grip is stable but I prefer having the black border around the edge of the phone with rubbery texture for more stability. Also, the side volume buttons can be tricky to find when you're not looking. I liked to have the volumes button to be visible with grips as well.

Delivery & Packaging
It's free delivery, I received the packing on Friday 27th and it shipped on Friday the 20th. Cancel out the weekends so, the delivery was quite fast. Depending which country you're from will take about 5 - 7 days.
The packaging is great, it protected the cases with a sealable see through plastic, wrap in premade bubble wrap envelope. It came with the receipt with a lovely note saying Thank you. Overall it's simple and clean.

The cost for  HTC one mini 2 is only £14.95 + free shipping. Considering the price, I wish they offer an additional protected screen, to protect your screen from scratch. Also, perhaps an image of the actual phone to be more presentable.
You can visit GoCustomized websites for more info.
I'm very honoured to be working with this company and I'm very proud of what I created. Overall, I'm very happy with the results and hope there are many more customizations. Since Christmas is around the corner. This is the perfect websites for you to get your loved one a new personalised case.

This experienced has inspired me to develop more designs for phone cases featuring my artwork. I hope in the future I would definitely work with GoCustomized again. So hola! GoCustomized if you're interested... (Okay I'm being so cheeky haha)

If you enjoyed this post, why not make your own personalised phone case.

*I was sent the HTC phone case for review purposes and all opinions are my own