I was slightly debating either I should splurge money on MAC or perhaps browse through Boots/ Superdrug  for cranberry with reddish tone and purple shades. And guess what?
I've finally found the colours that I was looking for and it's even more amazing that it's all on matte shades. I love matte so much and I hardly find any at my local high-street(shop), Even if I do. It's not the colour I was looking for or the formula wasn't too great.
My god that acne is huge, I've been breaking out lately so I guess period is coming soon but anyway.... I'm here to show you a tutorial how to achieve cranberry look using Sleek Force of Natural Limited Edition. 


1. Prime your eyelids of your choice, I'm using Urban Decay primer matte. Then take Sunrise as your base colour using your blender brush.
2. Now we going hard on Dawn shadows and apply it on your upper crease and then take Whirlwind and apply it below the Dawn eyeshadows but slightly above the upper crease. Again with the same blending brush.
3. Now the star of the show. You want to take Twilight with your flat brush and apply directly to your eyelids then take a new blender brush and you want to soften the edges.
4. Lastly, take Sunset with a tiny blender brush and apply it directly onto your lower lashes to create a smoky effect.
5. Now, apply your favourite mascara, lipstick and eyeliner.

You can click here to see a video on my Instagram of this eyeshadows look.