Hello, Everybody, I hope you all had an awesome Halloween. I just got home from the dentist's appointment for clean up and then come back again in 6 months. But anyway, I apologise for not posting for a week as I felt like I needed a break from blogging; now that I'm ready to share my passion or perhaps get to know me a little of what I do besides blogging. (As much as I love to share tips, makeup and skincare.) I want to share my creative sides of me.

I love to paint to preserve moments of what I feel and also to preserve your youth. As you age, you will always have a memory to look back besides a photograph. Preserving your image in the paintings may sound old fashion but actually....you feel the emotions and the details or perhaps, something to be proud of. It could be your children or it could be your wedding day.  I want to be able to provide you a masterpiece in my own kind of style of art.
You probably wondering what kind of art I do.Well.. I mainly specialise in portraits with a very diverse media such as watercolours, acrylic and ink pen.  I don't always specialise in traditional paintings, but I also do digital art or a design for your journal or perhaps logo for your websites or blogs. Or a request for an illustration.

I would describe my work to be woman empowering, symbolic and colourful. I love splashing and adding such a solid strong colours. I love drip working to give the paintings some life and energy.

Last year, I joined Society6 to sell my personal art. In a form of bags, T-shirt, mobile cases, prints and many more. They provide high-quality products with my artwork designs.  If you like any of these paintings and like to have it in your home decor or to support me. Please visit: https://society6.com/analynrazon
Not too long ago, I signed up for PeoplePerHour. I know what you're all thinking, but it's nothing like that. It's a site for the freelance artist to sell their creations and also take commissions. I was nervous to sign up with them and not knowing will get accepted or rejected. But I got accepted and now the hardest part is getting people to hire me or take commissions. So far I have little and no success to gaining any commission online as I do in person. I decided to branch out and introduce my work on my blog and hope people will like what I do. Not only that to make people smile and be confident. Which shows in my work. Example: Top left image - ''Breathless'' - Is about letting yourself free from the negativity of how a woman should look like. Beauty should be about how comfortable you are in your own skin and accept what god has given you. Work what you have and express yourself in your own way than how magazine model should look.
If you're interested any of my work. Don't hesitate to visit Peopleperhour or for any question please don't hesitate to ask.
EMAIL ME: analynrazon@gmail.com  (this is my art email)