Sharing my top 3 useful Android apps for an everyday task or clean up.
First of all, I apologise for the delay when it comes to a time of posting. I was having trouble connecting my internet but anyway...

Here are my top favourite apps for Android phone. 

The clue is a period tracker. Which you can set up an alarm to remind you every month when you're due to bleed. It also has calendars to keep a record of pills, mood swings, pain, unprotected sex and etc.  It's very simple and it's free!

This bad boy is amazing especially if you're a student, but anyone can use it. It's basically an app, where you can take photos using your smartphone camera that acts like a printer scanner. To scan documents, books or magazines. Mostly whatever you want to scan. It will scan clear and sharp image/PDF, to send to your wireless printer, email, fax and etc. 

Now, every android smartphone should have this. This will clean junk to free up space. To boost speed and save battery life for your Android.  I do this every single day if you constantly on your facebook, Instagram and etc. 

Now, I made a very quick demonstration video of the apps I use on my phone.  Enjoy!

If you want to know how I manage to record my smartphone screen. I use an app called Mobizen.