The most amazing and stunningly beautiful eye shadows I own from ZOEVA. Which is perfect for Autumn and Winter seasons. Not only comes with a matte and shimmer glow shades. You can wear such an interesting look and especially smoky eyes.

The palette comes from a German brand called ZOEVA and it was founded in 2008. It is known for their luscious makeup brushes. Eventually, expand their line into makeup which I very much in love, and most love among Bloggers and Youtubers. And you know what? I... have to have it!
Now here is my personal review about this gorgeous palette. I know for the fact that the Cocoa Blend Palette was the most love this year 2015 despite the fact many Youtubers  have it. Even though I want the Cocoa Blend. But I decided to go for Rose Golden Palette as it feels like it's more I and the colours are just WOW! and awesome for the appropriate seasons or perhaps all year round.
The packaging is super cute and it comes out like those expensive chocolate bars. The details give you that Victorian vibe, it's elegant, it's fashionable. I can clearly see this palette for catwalk/ runway for fashion. I still can't believe it's only £15.50 considering the colours, the pigmentation and very bendable. The formula is just fabulous, it's soft and almost somewhat close to high-end shadows. I feel like the shimmery are more buttery than the one in matte. But don't get me wrong it's still highly pigmented and the colours are well blended. It's just not as buttery like any other matte shades I've known so far. I would highly recommend this palette for anyone.

Luster - Nude matte and so identical to my skin colour with the yellowish undertone. 

Reflective Elegance - A soft bronze shimmer with a hint of gold.

Copper Is King - Very rich metallic copper, it's very orange.

Shining Bright - Shimmering rose chocolate. with the pinkish tone to the colour
Rusty Petals - A gorgeous metallic rusty brown with pink shift tone.
Foil - A soft golden metallic.
Just A Rose - A rose golden orangey tone.
Golden Rule - Metallic pure gold.
Harmony - Matte milk chocolate charcoal and I think it has that slight dark purple undertone.

Wonder Full - Pure dark chocolate matte and it may look black on the photo but it just deep dark brown.