Does your skin feel dull after waking up? Do you need an extra boost for your skin to glow? The Body Shop Vitamin C is a fantastic product for tired, grumpy and dull skin. Perfect for morning moisturiser.
Now, I've talked briefly about this product on my day skincare if you saw my previous post. If you would like to know my morning skincare CLICK HERE 
This product gained so much popularity when it came out. Honestly, I agree with everyone. Not only that the Body Shop have an amazing and exciting products. The Vitamin C line is amazing for those of you have impurities or need improvement.
After using this product for almost 3 months now. I can honestly say, this product improved my skin dramatically. After having such a nasty breaks out, this product helped to calm my skin down and improve the elasticity of my skin. I do in fact have a combination skin and mostly towards the dry area. So hydration  is a must.
What I love about this product, It restore your natural glow to your skin and fight the sign of fatigue. So your skin feels awake. Perfect for working mums or anybody. I believe that is also great for wrinkles. Wrinkles need to be dealt with hydration. And by washing your face with organic milk and water in the morning leaves your skin feeling baby smooth. Not only that  Milk has AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) It's contained in one of the most expensive moisturisers out there. Why spend more?  But hey.. there are no cheat ways to stay young.  But I intend to wash with milk and water in the morning helps the skin to revived. I only do this 2 times a week sometimes once a week and using Vitamin C from the Body Shop helps with the improvement and hopefully the impurities will eventually disappear over time. And I've noticed a difference when my old acne scaring starting to fade out slowly. or helping.... besides my Glycolic Acid at night. But I look forward to improvements.
Anyway, this product is perfect for any skin type. The smell is divine and refreshing, which keeps you up in the morning. It sinks in fast, but they do leave a little bit of stickiness, but it's fine. The only bad thing about this product there is no SPF/PA+++. So, you need to apply sun cream every morning.

I love this product so much.