YAY! Friday post, I wanted to give a review on the Urban Decay Smoky palette. And you probably have seen many reviews about the palette, some didn't like it and some love it but I love it! I just want to share my personal review.

Now, the box packaging that comes with the palette is very high quality and it comes with a cheeky makeup tutorial. I'm not sure if anyone have tried to follow the tutorial but we all end up making our own eyeshadow look.  The eyeshadow itself comes with 4 shades of neutral matte, 4 shades of dark satin shadow and lastly 4 very shimmery neutral glam eyeshadow

I've been using this palette since it came out and I absolutely in love with it! Not only you can wear this for a glam look or everyday neutral. You can rock evening wear. Which you can always add drama with the darker shades and shimmery. For some people may think that it's hard to blend the colours  and I think that it's to do with primer and the brushes. I find that the colour is super pigmented and the matte shades are super buttery soft than the rest. You may end up with a fall out with the 'Armour' shadow as it is very glittery but rather than that, it is a fantastic palette. 
The eyeshadow container is very high-quality plastic and I don't think it will be handy to carry around. It comes with a magnetic lid to close it shut. So, it's very secure. It has an awesome low opacity smoke background as well as the front image. 

I would highly recommend this palette for anyone or who are looking to buy Urban Decay product for the first time. It is definitely different palette than the rest of Urban Decay makeup palette collections. 

URBAN DECAY PALETTE - http://fave.co/1OOpJXf