Hello Everyone finally it's Friday! And can't wait for the weekends. Recently, I've been loving Make Up Revolution eyebrow shaping kit. I don't normally spend a lot of money just for the eyebrows. Usually, I just take a matte colour shadow from my Urban Decay palette as my brow fix.

And this tiny adorable palette isn't so bad at all. The packaging is very compact, it looks professional and I love the gold and black colour scheme. It comes with a huge mirror (which I love!) 3 matte shades and 1 wax. In addition to the packaging a cheeky tiny brow brush and a tweezers. 
The pigmentation is grade A+, It's soft and I'm not a fan of wax, I've never used anything on my brows with wax. So it's kinda new experience for me.  I just don't understand or perhaps I'm using it wrong but I don't know. The colours do stay on the whole day but when I use the wax, the colours do tend to smudge. But without the wax it looks very natural and doesn't smudge. I do in fact use a clear gel to fix my eyebrows without happened to use the wax that comes with the kit. And guess what? It's only £2.50 that is insane!...... Considering the brow shadows pigmentation is amazing. Now you can choose between Light - Medium and Medium - Dark shades. I have the one with Medium - Dark as I don't have light hair. This colour is more appropriate for me.

I love the overall packing. You have everything you need on a go; If you need to retouch your brows, This is the kit. I love the tweezers. It can remove the most stubborn tiny hair that you can't do with your normal size tweezers. Something about that tweezers can grip and pull out the hair nicely. The brush itself it's great but it's tiny. It can be difficult to use. So, I like using my Lab2 brow angle brush.

SUPERDRUG: http://fave.co/1LdMEr9
MAKE UP REVOLUTION SITE: http://fave.co/1Pm2q7p