Hello everyone! Today's blog I will be reviewing Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick. But before I go straight to the reviews. How many of you girls owns Kate Moss lipstick ? Surprisingly, this is actually the first time I own a lipstick from her. I know... I've been living inside a rock. but anyway!
I absolutely in love with the packaging and the red and black colour scheme, mmhm.. gorgeous! I also like the royalty vibe textured in print on the surface of the lid. I feel that this lipstick has that rock chick vibe. Very suitable all year round or if you're going for more vintage/classic look. I say Rimmel London Kate has a lot of different shades of red. 

The colour I swatches from the photo above, it's called Kiss of Life in shade 111. It has that light red with orange tinted colour.It glides on the lips nicely with a very satin shade. Mostly I prefer having matte lipstick for just going out. But a satin colour is starting to grow on me and would like to have more colours in that area. I would advise people who are prone to dry lips to use a really good moisturiser lip balm, before applying such a bold colour. Also, you can just exfoliate your lips before applying the lipstick.
Now, It does stays on the whole day but you might have to re-apply after lunch or dinner. Overall I love the lipstick and the formula. Definitely would like a whole collection from her range.

KISS OF LIFE: http://fave.co/1LnPERY