I apologise for not blogging and gone for over a week or so. I’ve been so busy with commission towards my artwork. During that time of period, I got myself a new haircut. I wanted a hairstyle that is very easy to manage and effortless, as well as it suited my face shape. It is a new change as I normally have long hair and sometimes cut it just below my shoulders.

How did I pick my hairstyle? Well, first of all, I decided to find my face shape then finding the right bangs that will cover up my oversized forehead. Now... (I made a little bit of illustration, excuse me for my ridiculous drawing) 

I find out that I have an oval face shape. What better ways to Google any celebrities in somewhat similar face shape such as Jessica Alba, or any Victoria Secret model to look at the hairstyle but I fell in love with Jessica Alba short bob hairstyle CLICK HERE TO SEE. I wasn’t so sure about the outcome but here is the result! Since I have a naturally straight hair, I didn't have to do any styling.

I am very happy with this hairstyle. It's great that it's very loose and effortless hairstyling apart from upside down blow drying after a shower. This will give volume to your hair and since I have a naturally straight hair don't really need to flat iron my hair. Sometimes I do like loose curls but not too curly.


PS: I know I am way behind with my blogging schedule and some of the topics should have been posted on one of those weeks. So I rearrange the order and I can not wait to share! Thank you so much for being patient. And thank you so much for the new followers and hello visitors. :D