Ever since I've changed my skincare routine from multiple to using less product on my face and It has changed my skin dramatically. Less product on your face the better. Now I am sharing my skincare routine during the day.

1. LA ROCHE-POSAY Purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin.
Link to Boots- http://fave.co/1PPwrt6
Link to La Roche-Posay - http://fave.co/1NVCs8Y

This is great for people with sensitive oily skin or combination skin like me and for those of you can't handle harsh cleanser or salicylic acid ingredients that may be too much for day cleanser. Which for me it's very drying and that means I have to put on more products to my face. This cleanser is amazing, it get rid any excess sebum, it refresh my skin after all the heavy night skincare products.
I've always seen Zinc on every spot treatment but Zinc ingredient seems to repair my acne without making them look bad, which is pretty damn good! There is no salicylic acid added which is good for me.I would recommend using salicylic acid as a treatment not as a daily cleanser for those of you are very sensitive to that ingredients that cause your skin to dry.

2. VITAMIN C The Body Shop - 
Link to body shop: http://fave.co/1PJjQYc

My skin feels so good every time I apply this product. It is the latest moisturiser from the Vitamin C line and I LOVE love love Body Shop! Great for blemish skin, it will fade all the impurities as well as it will hydrate your skin and brings out the natural glow to your face. Fight the look of fatigued skin and lessen wrinkles. You can always apply this during the night. The only thing I'm kinda disappointed is that there is no SPF added rather than that I am in love with it. It smells so good and it's very refreshing. I would still recommend this product and you should definitely buy it NOW like NOW!

3. SIMPLE Soothing eye balm -
Link to Superdrug - http://fave.co/1NVCSfA
Link: http://fave.co/1NVCUE9

 I never actually take care of my eyes. I  pretty much didn't care about it until, I reach during my early 20s and decided to try it. I always have trouble sleeping and you wake up with puffy and dark circle ahh!! no no no! and then you pile up a lot of concealers .. really...like a lot of concealers.... which felt quite heavy to the eyes but this eye balm  seems to be doing its job, it reduce my puffiness and doesn't make you look tired. And it's CHEAP and affordable which is awesome!

Link to Etude House - http://fave.co/1NVD2DR
Link- http://fave.co/1PJl4CP

I love Korean skincare product, especially Etude House is one of my favourite brands. This primer is awesome! I have used this before which I had a hand full of samples until one of my friends gave me her full-size container because it didn't work for her. So thanks to her I didn't have to buy the big baby! I mean the full size. It makes my face feel so nice and smooth, it absorb so fast. And this can be used as a moisturiser sun cream as it has SPF 25/PA ++. It's also  a whitening for those who has dark spot or blemishes skin, and anti-wrinkle. I use this product as a primer, it keeps my makeup on the whole day and still look the same as I applied.

I hope you enjoy reading my simple everyday day skincare, I don't use a toner I only use it during the nights but if you would like to know my night skincare routine, I will be posting it next week. And by all means this product may not work for you can always return it back.