We all have troubles getting up early in the morning. Trying to figure out an outfit, hair. And makeup always takes the longest and you want to look your best. Especially is the first thing back to school.

I started wearing makeup, really young around 15 and I wish I never wore any makes up at that age. Should have listened to my mum but trust me. At that age, you have a baby flawless skin and not to be touch with heavy foundation, heavy eye-shadow, or, in fact, tweaking your eyebrows. It is exceptional to just wear a mascara, lip balm or tinted moisturising lips. If you're around 18 or older this is what I normally wear in High school and college/Uni.

You will only need 3 items a FOUNDATION/CC CREAM/POWDER > MASCARA > LIP BALM 

BASE - Canvas 
-I love using foundation from Bourjois Paris in shade Beige N#54  or I go ahead with CC cream by LIOELE Dollish Veil Vita BB SPF25/PA++. For me, doesn't feel like a BB cream more like a CC cream as it has a really thin coverage and has colour corrector (purple and green.) And a sun protection which is amazing! Sometimes I mix foundation and a cc cream together if I have any problematic area, this helps to hide any imperfection and to look bright as well as healthy. Not only you can mix them together it offers another thin coverage.
-Now, if you have a flawless skin I would recommend you going for powder. Of course in your shade  to even out your skin tone or to mattify your face.

DETAILS - Eyes and lips
-For details I stick with Mascara, doesn't matter what brand you use. And for lips I like using Blister Lip Brilliance its moisturising lips with pink tinted colour for more lush and natural lip without looking pale or dry.
-And for eyebrows just brush them neatly with the eyebrow brush, You don't really need it.But this will give you more of an innocent look and natural.
-In this look, i didn't really need a concealer because of the CC or BB cream colour purple corrector but if you have a problem with your under eyes you can always conceal with a concealer. But for some young teens or adults don't really need a concealer. 

Now, you are done! Just be natural and pay attention to your education and your exam. You can have all the makeup and beauty products when you actually need it.
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Now you're ready for school! ROCK YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY! 

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