I've been loving the whole nude look and a little bit of rose, peachy red undertone to my lips. I find that Maybelline always gives out such a stunning shades of colours. I've always been afraid of light shades colour due to my skin tone and always into dark shades of lipstick. I guess I'm heading up to much brighter shades and I'm loving it!

Excuse me for my dry skin and my large pores, but the main important is the colour. In this photo, I am wearing 630 Velvet Beige, A nice lovely peachy red rose colour. It's stunning although this colour may look different depending on your natural colour lips. Overall this lipstick would suit any skin tone in a heartbeat. The formula is much pigmented and it's definitely moisturising. So if you have dry lips, this should be the one to try or buy.
Here I am wearing 740 Coffee Craze I wasn't so sure about this colour although it can wash you off easily if you have really tanned skin like I am. But you can easily fix it with a little bit of colour on your cheeks so you don't look dead. But this colour would definitely suit fair skin and I believe it will look natural and innocent. For me, it's quite a new colour and somewhat similar to MAC whirl but a darker version of this colour. Overall I am impressed.
My final verdict of this product, it did not chop me off or made my lips really dry. It's very moisturising, although if you're going to eat it will definitely come off. So you may have to reapply but if you have a similar colour lip liner then this should last the whole day apart from when you have to eat. I know this product was released a year ago but correct me if I'm wrong but I love it. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone as long as it will suit your skin complexion. Also, great thing is that Maybelline Lo'real don't test on animal anymore and you can find more information here.