Constantly seeing this stupid 'Don't Judge Challenge' all over my social media. And what they're doing is completely wrong. I tried to ignore it, but I just want to say something out. I may be late posting this or not but let me tell you something.

If you have seen those viral videos where people put on sharpie, makeup to make themselves look worst and then suddenly applying this holy magical cream and turn into the most beautiful goddess looking person that society should look. Notice anything wrong? Is a complete mockery to those people have problematic skin, hair and teeth? This challenge should stop, it's not funny, it doesn't make us feel any better and send any good message.  The message we want to give out there for everybody including younger generation.  It's okay to have spots, blemishes or any other imperfection because it is NORMAL and WE ARE NOT PERFECT. This is us and this is me, is what make us who we are as a person, not a fake. 

I apologise for the rant, I just want to give people a positive image of themselves that we are who we are.

Now, some good news. I have collected few haul to share with you guys. It's a mini haul makeup and the first I've ever introduced to my blog so keep an eye on that goodies! for the next blog. Oh! Almost forgot. I would like to say THANK YOU so much for those people have supported me and the changes on my blog. It really means a lot to me and again thank you!

Don't forget to check back for a new post!