As much as I love Wordpress and a fantastic easy platform, moving back to Blogspot is probably the best idea for me and was encourage by a few affiliates.  Due to affiliates terms and condition and Wordpress conditions. don't support another affiliate that was right for me. Even though you have been following me here. Thank you. There are other options such as moving to I don't think I have a stable money to be paying monthly due to my high demands art supplies or other essentials to be up to date. I hope you understand. And someday who knows. 
Nowadays, a lot of clever programme such as ad blocks is becoming more popular and ads becoming more annoying for some. And people do earn from ads and was one of them. It is not really  a stable income and you must be very loyal but few simple mistake can cut off your money coming in. So I suggest, you do your research if your thinking joining in with Adsense.
I will not delete my Wordpress blog that I've already created. I will have to turn it into an Art post rather than beauty essentials or other than I normally post. Since, I'm building up my art skills digitally it is a good opportunity to use for a professional portfolio case as well as blog gallery where I talk about my artwork. 
My new blog is called Ana Razon  I shorten the name. And I know what you  all thinking. How can I manage two blogs at the same time? Well, I guess it is a challenge it keep me busy at all times and love what I do.  I got too comfortable with and at least I found a way to make use of it rather than wasting it.