NEW LOOK - NEW STYLE - My Spring and Summer outfits. What better ways to start of a more sunny seasons by styling your hair in bright, vibrant colour and grungy festival outfits.

Lately, I am madly in love mixing dark and light shade outfits, while the hair does the work. It acts as accessories without making too much effort. If you are a follower you can see that I used to have a really long black hair till I've decided to cut it all short and dyed it to purple and orange hair ombre. I love it! As you can see, the sleeveless leather jacket is a must for these seasons and it goes well with nearly everything, if you are a leather fanatic, pastel colour leather jacket is a must! for spring and summer seasons.

Everyone wants to look good during summer seasons and I suggest that you should let loose with crazy but not overly dramatic matching colours. I know that some of us have insecurities when it comes to body and for me, I hate my legs and I really do, I get self-conscious due to stretch marks. I do feel jealous that some of us born without any stretch marks and lately I haven't come across any products that will get rid of it. If you have any remedies that will improved stretch marks let me know! please! But anyway, to hide my stretch marks I love to wear knee high socks, can be thick or thin socks and it's great if you have multiple of colours which you can match it with any dress, or short! Another way of hiding stretch marks is wearing jeans and if you want to show a little flesh, distress jeans are the best. Not only make you look like a rock star but at least it's not going to make you sweaty! and we don't want that at all.

Now shoes, Missguided is amazing, not only give out such a fantastic sales and extra discount it's fabulous! so do check out misguided.

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