So, lately I've been living in bed for a week now and trying to light up my spirit since it’s finally December. I know that I haven’t been blogging lately which is unusual. But now that I have things to share. And honestly, I'm currently under the weather, maybe because of stress and PMS. I hate it so much! that that.. ''special'' monthly well, my boyfriend calls it ‘’Happy days!’’ which is real gets you down.

Feeling stress?

Being stress is normal and probably you're stressed enough because Christmas is coming soon and New Years. Or even little things like technology gadgets not happened to work properly. Those things need some loving. And the most stressful of all is preparing gift or what would be the best gift to give.

1. We need time to sit down and relax 
2. Find your inner peace 
3. Find what makes you happy 
4. Don't forget to make room for fun  like playing games 
5. Disconnect yourself from all that stressful things 
6. Be practical on things that make you happy 
7. Turn off your phone 
8. Make some soup - It's a great way to soothe/sweat out the toxin from your body
9. Make a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee or even detox water 
10. Take a relaxing bath 
11. Light up a great scent of candles and meditate 
12. Essential oil is great for relaxing 
13. Listen to some instrumental music, not too rough but just calm I personally love listening to Agnus and Julia Stones. 
14. Watch a movie that doesn't involve any sad scenes like Up it's beautiful but made me cry. 
15. Don't forget to smile 

I know most of you are stressing for exam's or other things. Just don't forget to give yourself a break.

I just made those mini muffins and I wish I could share it with you all. 
If you like this post don't forget to comment down below or any other suggestion idea for relaxing I would love to know. 
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Questions: What is your favourite movie?