Weather is extremely horrible in the UK, It’s raining and it’s very cold.  I spend the whole morning in bed googling and online browsing through shops such as ZARA, but I can’t help but to look at the gorgeous contrast tie-neck silk blouse. It’s innocent and sophisticated. I have the urge to how I would pair them up so here it is.

Contrast tie-neck silk blouse
The white blouse with black tie-neck is great for a casual look or even parties and of course! Great for any seasons. It's a little bit see through you can always add another clothing piece of your choice.

Skinny jeans
I would pair it up with nice skinny jeans in pink colour, I know some people are afraid to wear this kind of colour that hey! Anything that are light colour is perfect for darker tones or medium tones. Don’t be afraid to play with colours that are black and white. 
Anyway, the jeans really do compliment your legs and your skin tones. It's cropped just above your ankle to show a little bit of flesh. I believe is great for the rainy season.

Open work bootie

If you’re a big! And literary a big bootie fan raise your hands up! I know I do, for this season’s boots for me it’s a must! Either its open cut ankle. I would definitely wear it even in winter. Hold on before you comment, you can always add pretty ankle socks that has laces around the opening area. Now you feel me? I choose this boots because it does not only compliment the entire outfits, it's also gives you the vibes of being attractive by complimenting your legs figures.