'My Outfit Of The Day' Feeling black and white, grunge and punkish (if that even a word.) My inspiration for this outfit come from listening to music by Vault – Vultures. The dress is meant to be a top. As you can see it turns out to be a dress. Although it’s quite big, I kept my outfit simple and a little bit baggy than adding a belt; while keeping my hair extremely messy. I think I find it cute plus goes along with this outfit.

I know that I'm quite small so I wore platform boots. I didn't want to add any jewellery or else it will just look too much. Plus the boots it's already acting as a jewellery.  I’m not really a jewellery person, maybe because I just don’t know how to pair them up.

I love shopping from yesstyle.com and amazon. You can't really go wrong buying cheap clothes.